Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal 2023

It’s time for change...

The WPNC team are honoured and proud to showcase the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal for 2023. Affectionately known as GDA, this is a hugely significant annual event for the charity, running across March every year and has successfully delivered much needed funds since the first Great Daffodil Appeal took place in 1986 with volunteers collecting donations and handing out fresh daffodils.

We were delighted to be asked to undertake this campaign for the first time, but we’re even more delighted to see our work on TV, online and in print. Undaunted by the task and the huge history, the WPNC cross-agency team has been working on a multi-channel campaign; from the research and insights stages through to ideation, planning with client and media partners, creative execution and production including Marie Curie Creative team, it has been a textbook journey. And boy are we glad to see it live now, also means we can celebrate and share all the fantastic work.

We stress the significance of GDA but why is this appeal so important to all of us? Every five minutes someone in the UK dies without the care and support they need- It's time for change. It's time to help more people have the peaceful, pain-free death we all deserve. Our growing population means demand for care and support to those in need, and their families is constantly rising. With the financial support of the public, Marie Curie Nurses, who do a brilliant job up and down the country, can continue to help more and more people get the vital care they urgently need. Our campaign brings this message to the public. Led by TV and online channels. No fundraising journey should be complete without a frictionless and stress-free donation vehicle and with our goDonate platform to support GDA, “frictionless and stress free” is exactly the experience donors will enjoy.

We are all so proud to help Marie Curie make such a difference in bringing about a peaceful ‘end of life’ experience for so many people and their loved ones. We agree, it’s time for change.