Marie Curie

Insight, testing and NPD

How do you convince your target audience to commit to a regular gift?

This was the challenge from Marie Curie, who needed our help to create a sustainable regular giving product that would engage donors over the long term.

The first step was a deep dive into their previous activity and a series of workshops with teams across the organisation. This led to the powerful insight that Marie Curie Nurses were, for many, the lead reason to support the charity.

Based on this insight, we developed a simple but powerful product proposition: ‘Sponsor a Marie Curie Nurse’. To be doubly sure our approach was robust, we also checked it with our target audience, asking if it would inspire them to sign up in real life. And the exciting news was that 23% of respondents told us that they would be very or somewhat likely to sponsor a Marie Curie Nurse.

This proposition then became the launchpad for a creative journey including DRTV, digital advertising and regular email updates from a real Marie Curie Nurse.