October Newsletter

Raise More or Save More?

Whether you want to raise more money or save more money – the online world demands smarter thinking

Nudge, nudge - convert

goDonate’s MD, Vicky recently lead an inspiring webinar looking at what online donation platforms can learn from behavioural science. You may be wondering how these two subjects can be connected, but what Vicky was able to demonstrate was how psychological insights can be used to influence online donations from potential supporters. This was by far the most popular topic that goDonate has delved into recently, with over 225 people registered to attend.

4 key techniques rooted in behavioural science were at the heart of Vicky’s webinar. She showed, through real-world examples, how applying these small ‘nudges’ made indisputable, positive and meaningful improvements to conversion levels. She also showed how goDonate applies behavioural science within its own donation platform. 

This clearly has excited a lot of interest, so you can be certain we’ll be returning to this vast and fascinating topic very soon. 

And if you happened to miss Vicky’s webinar don’t worry. Simply email [email protected] and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

No code? No worries

These days we’re all looking for ways to do more with less. Here, our own Phil Dearson explains how NoCode tools paired with generative AI is a powerful option to save time and money.

NoCode is a set of tools you can use to build your own digital products and services – without any technical skills.

It does help to understand some basics – like the difference between form and content, and what an API is. You don’t need to know how they work, just what they are. But if you’re comfortable using something like Excel, you’re ready to start! 

What can I make?

Anything from custom websites to mobile and web apps and business software. Crucially – considering how generative AI can ramp up the benefits – you can also make integration and automation services. 

Why bother?

First of all, NoCode tools are really cheap (think in the $20/month range). But they’re also surprisingly powerful and quick to use. Not to mention, ideal for novices. 

And what’s this about AI?

This is where it gets really interesting. There are loads of options open to you, but let’s start with just one of my favourites – automating admin. 

Say you’ve used NoCode tools to present the results of a digital programme. Someone’s bound to want a meeting to discuss it. With generative AI added to your swanky new tool, you can have that meeting and collect the meeting audio to:

  • Automatically transcribe it and save it in your tool for future reference (no more meeting notes or contact reports!)

  • Allow users of your new tool to ask questions about the meeting and its contents

  • Automate the assignment of next actions into your project management tool of choice (Trello, Jira, Todist, Monday) and let people know through Teams, Slack or whatever.

In fact, you can connect thousands of NoCode tools together to create any workflow or application you need. 

What’s the catch?

  1. Option anxiety: there’s so much choice available, I’d recommend talking to a specialist to help you focus. Obviously, we’d love to help.

  2. 80/20 rule: whilst it’s easy to get 80% of what you want, that last 20% can be tricky and often takes actual technical skills. If that’s something you want, we’d put our hand up again.

  3. A conductor: if you’re going to go this route, I’d recommend having a “conductor” to orchestrate how all the tools work together. For a small organisation, this might be as simple as having a decent diagram to explain it all.

How do I get started?

If you’re a charity or not for profit, why not start with one of our 2-hour workshops? It’ll help you navigate your best options and priorities and it’s only £300 or so. If that’s you, drop me a note at [email protected]