How do you appeal to regular givers
in a changing world?

For VSO, Covid was a catalyst for change. For some time, they’d been gradually shifting their volunteering model, from UK-based to local volunteers. But when the pandemic hit, this transformation accelerated – and they asked us to help them update their regular giving product, Volunteer View, to reflect this.

We kickstarted the process with insight. We needed to know what existing supporters wanted from the updated product – and how we could appeal to new supporters too. The good news was that existing audiences were definitely on board. They loved hearing from the field and feeling connected with the difference their donations were making. However, non-supporters found the Volunteer View concept harder to understand.

This led to the evolution of Sponsor a Volunteer – a powerful new proposition, which had the simplicity and clarity to create immediate understanding and ongoing engagement. We then used the insight we’d gathered to launch the refreshed product and develop a clear messaging toolkit to ensure consistency across all communications. Based on this, we also created a series of new creative assets, including digital, door-to-door materials and a welcome pack, as well as a redesigned template for the bimonthly comms from the field.

To ensure the success of the launch, we made sure we worked closely with stakeholders every step of the way. This meant that they were fully engaged with the new approach – and ready to support delivery of this exciting new flagship product.