WWF Behind the scenes

Have you seen our new ad for WWF-UK yet? You really should look out for the “Tiger Who Came to Tea”.

It’s a brilliant piece of work based on the very popular 55-year-old children’s book of the same title, telling the short story in a contemporary and entertaining fashion to help save this endangered species. There are fewer than 4,000 of the world’s tigers left and we're delighted WPNC could help WWF make a difference in this plight. Thanks also to publisher Harper Collins for allowing this collaboration.

We have had many compliments since our ad went on air the other day and we are so proud of the work done by our fantastic team. They loved making this ad and working with the WWF team, and they’ve even made a short film to commemorate the making of the ad. The film is lovely, capturing images of the shoot, characters on both sides of the camera and some behind the scenes, thought we'd would share it. Hope the team don’t mind. You should all take a bow.