10 Top Tips for Charities

  • by Ian McCawley
  • 07/07/2022

for the next six months!

As the second half of 2022 begins, we consider the trends and tactics charities need to know to ensure your marketing strategy is successful in the next six months:


1. Christmas with a difference

World Cup fever - featuring England and Wales - will be with us by autumn. As a result, Christmas campaigns will need to cut through the noise with a different approach. Many of our charity clients have already made plans to tackle this issue, so make sure you’re on the ball!


2. Hailing everyday heroes

COVID-19 highlighted individuals determined to make a difference, and it’s something we should extend as life returns to normal. Who are the unsung heroes at your charity, or among your supporters, who could front campaigns?


3. Subscription success

More charities are rolling out subscription products, giving donors exclusive and tailored content and offers in return for support. Which areas of Regular Giving could you harness to provide a similar service?


4. Peer-to-peer power

Consumer trust is at an all-time low, which could also harm fundraising. A word-of-mouth strategy that has advocates telling your positive story will be crucial to combat cynicism.


5. Overcome digital fatigue

Ad bombardment on screens - exacerbated by the pandemic - causes consumers to switch off. Direct mail is an antidote, freshening up messaging and creating positive impact with audiences. Add it to your mix.


6. Don’t be afraid to ask

Showing the good you do is no longer enough to attract donors. Be bold and brave with your appeal. Highlight the urgent need with real cases so supporters are left in no doubt about why to donate.


7. A new will to donate

The time is right to promote gifts in wills at every opportunity. More, and younger, people have mortality on their mind - but legacy fundraising needs to get better at using data to identify audiences and hone communications.


8. Donors want a dialogue

How can we build deeper links with donors? The bedrock is a commitment to create a dialogue with supporters - an honest discussion about what they want from your organisation.


9. Excite and exchange

A decline in data sharing isn’t true for everyone. Millennials are keenest to offer their details if they think they can help others: 45% have shared Covid health data, for example. Targeting this group with a clear, compelling value exchange is key.


10. New Fundraising Tactic?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - or unique digital assets (e.g. exclusive artworks) - are a potentially lucrative fundraising tool. Donors may want to invest in exclusive originals - but be aware current tech has an environmental impact.

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