2020 trends

  • by Dan Martin
  • 05/12/2019
2020 trends

With 2020 almost here, we thought we'd take a stab at some of the trends to watch out for next year in digital and marketing. Here goes!


Experience design - brand is back, but not as we know it

Competition and crowdedness on the major marketing platforms means organisations need to work harder to be noticed and achieve their goals. And now multi-channel journeys have become the norm for even the most straightforward of calls to action, the customer experience your brand provides is what will make the difference between success and failure. Ultimately, experience design is about applying classic marketing technique - knowing your audience, letting your brand values shine through in your comms, clearly articulating your offer and so on - but using a modern toolkit of skills including U/X, graphic design, channel-specific copywriting, digital storytelling, journey mapping, interface interactions and more. 


Proliferation of video formats means a lot to navigate, but plenty of opportunity

As we covered in our articles and events this year, video is big and getting bigger. But one of the aspects of this that we think is under-exploited is the choice of format for video ads, in particular length and sizing, versus the purpose and placement. With streaming ad engagement growing and 'stories' becoming mainstream - for instance in 2019 Facebook and Instagram stories became bread and butter channels, and TikTok took off in a big way – it is clear that the options for how and where to use video are only going to grow in 2020.


Advertising vs chat initiations as a growing marketing objective

In 2019 we saw the growing use of artificial intelligence - in itself a priority for many marketers - manifest itself in the shape of hybrid chat experiences, half-bot and half-real person depending on the query and routing logic to tackle the customer’s need. Chat experiences are also becoming simpler to build and design, giving non-specialists the tools to give it a try. In 2020 we predict that there will be a greater use of advertising to drive chat initiations as an objective and resolutions of customer issues via bot or advisor will become important metrics for marketers. Online is clearly the most direct way to do this, but there will be opportunities in broadcast and offline media too. It'll also be interesting to see how voice skills and apps use this hybrid approach in future, mostly dominated as they are today by pre-designed pathways.


Biometrics tackling an increasing number of privacy scenarios

Expect to hear more about this area of data security next year. Smartphones have been driving this for a while, with fingerprint and facial recognition now commonplace on mobiles. But there are reports of major institutions like banks and government departments using voice recognition too in their call centre operations. With the smartspeaker and home assistant revolution fully upon us, voice recognition looks to be a  natural augmentation of an experience where some level of authentication is needed.

There will doubtless be more developments in 2020 and we'll as ever try to cover them here on our site and in our regular emails. To keep up to date, why not join our newsletter list (complete the form at the bottom of this page!).

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