DRTV: Looking ahead

  • by Lucy Tugby
  • 12/06/2017

Last Friday, we spoke at the IOF's latest fundraising seminar 'DRTV: Looking ahead'.

For many advertisers – particularly those in the fundraising sector – the key objective that underpins TV advertising is getting someone to the bottom of the funnel – getting someone to take action, make a donation, sign up for a regular give. Hard-nosed, measurable outcomes. We think the key to TV achieving this in a digital world is what we refer to as Vertical Integration.

Our Planning Director David Brown, our Director of TV & Film Maria Phillips, and our Digital Strategy Director Dan Martin outlined what we think this means and why it matters. We shared our thoughts on some of the interesting ways charities are using TV to generate initial engagement or response – looking at these through the lens of proven Direct Response principles. Finally, we looked at digital channels which can be used to capture and pull this initial engagement through to an intended outcome.

Our top tips to take away from the session:

- Blurring lines between brand and response advertising. Proliferation of channels and diversification of media spend across them. Closely tied to changing ‘consumer’ behaviours and interactions with brands

- Greater need for integration to maximise engagement and conversion to achieve effectiveness and efficiency targets and effectiveness

- DRTV has a habit of reinventing itself in tough times. Perhaps we should get out of our comfort zones a little and be prepared to take risks, to fail, to learn

  • TV is a brilliant initial engagement tool. But it’s just the start of a journey…
  • Make sure your campaign follows through vertically. Be consistent. Use key images, tone of voice, core messaging
  • Have a clear objective you can measure, nail a simple proposition, stand out - be different, real people real stories, tell people what you want them to do!

- For vertical integration, digital is a key element. It is vital to use digital channels and techniques to
encourage potential supporters to leave a digital footprint and take the next step

  • Say the right thing - use engaging content and integrated messaging across and through the funnel
  • At the right time - nudge people through the funnel and bring them back if they leave
  • In the right place -use the digital spaces where they interact and geo-target their physical location

Many thanks to the IOF for having us!

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