• by Nicky Tomkins
  • 14/11/2017

DRTV+ is our latest service offering designed specifically for organisations that want to get the most value from their DRTV investment

What is DRTV+?

In order to realise the most value from your TV spend and capture the most response from your DRTV investment, DRTV+ uses a deliberate combination of digital channels to capture and convert more people from your TV campaigns 

How does DRTV+ work?

DRTV+ is also completely customisable with the elements that work best for your campaign.

Capture Pathways

Online journeys mop up initial online response and casual interest in your offer, meaning more prospects in the top of your funnel.

Conversion Pathways

Pre-defined messaging helps to influence the decision-making process, so more of your audience gets engaged.

Incremental Budget

Typically the + package will cost considerably less than the budget needed for an ad, but with the potential to double or triple response.

Re-Capture Pathways

Follow up journeys for people who have left your funnel help remind them why they were interested and incentivise them to continue, so you lose fewer people along the way.

Consistency with the Ad's Story

Creative executions that mirror the story in the original ad resonate with your audience, and you also have extra opportunities to tell more of your story when you consider the online experience in parallel with the TV campaign.

For more information please download our DRTV+ information sheet here or get in touch with [email protected]

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