Edge No. 4 – Top 10 Tips

  • by Ian McCawley
  • 31/01/2022
Social Video Success

Bob Nash, WPNC’s creative director, shares his views on how to make video content more impactful on social platforms:

  1. Set your goal – A video without a vision won’t work. Whether you’re seeking better awareness, audience connection or conversion, don’t start work without a clear idea of who you’re targeting, what you want them to do, and how you’ll measure success.
  2. Aspects of A/V – Format and sound are critical. We find square or vertical videos outperform landscape across platforms. Meanwhile, with 85% of Facebook users said to prefer viewing on mute, captions are a critical consideration. But so is how you use sound for the remaining 15% with audio switched on.
  3. Editing excellence – Whilst it’s vital to structure your video with an attention-grabbing start, don’t forget to inject pace and narrative to help carry viewers through to the end. Techniques around type, transitions and images also matter - talk to the professionals.
  4. How long’s too long? –Social channels offer both short and long placement, from three seconds to four hours! Match your content to your audience, platform and goal before deciding duration. Testing is key.
  5. Don’t be shy – Did you know the average goldfish has a memory span of nine seconds - three times longer than most social video viewers? You can’t afford to be shy or slow. Keep your content lean and mean, and pay particular attention to how you grab attention in those vital opening three to five seconds.
  6. Double up on TV – Not set up for video? With a smart approach it won’t cost the Earth to create new assets. For example, if you’re filming a TV ad you can simultaneously capture social content. Perhaps you can also repurpose old footage that’s hidden somewhere in your organisation.
  7. Storytelling success – Emotional narratives drive the greatest engagement. The good news is urgent appeals lend themselves to quickfire campaign messages, while already successful content often translates well from other channels.
  8. More is… more – Whilst a TV ad might keep on driving response for years; social media chews and spits out content in weeks, so volume is key. That means trying different types of stories, possibly from changing perspectives. Remember to test!
  9. Value video feedback – There’s a risk to publishing and walking away. Track engagement, read comments and respond. Work hard at this quickfire supporter dialogue.
  10. Devil’s in the detail – Online video is a layered business. Three-second engagement matters, but so does donor journey planning beyond your content, not least with mobile optimisation. Finally, leave a meaningful thumbnail image on-screen after the film finishes.

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