Tea-break creative

  • by Lucy Tugby
  • 28/06/2018

Our creative directors, Stewart Sear and Bob Nash catch-up over a brew and share what has inspired them this month, giving you some ideas to takeaway for your next campaign.

Design pioneer points the way

Stew: I was recently at Tampa International Airport and came across a gallery devoted to Jane Davis Doggett. Never heard of her? No, neither had I, but it turns out this wonderful woman is a pioneer in airport wayfinding, having designed systems for over 40 airports. I’d suggest we could all learn a thing or two about designing for our customers from Jane.  Here's a photo I took at the airport, titled 'Coding by Colour, Letter and Symbol: Concepts and Designs by Jane Davis Doggett'.  What do you think?  

Disabilities… and chocolate (Campaign)

Stew: A few weeks ago, I was asked to name a ground-breaking ad campaign of recent years. The one that instantly came to mind was the Maltesers campaign with disability charity Scope that launched at the Paralympics. As an agency that works with charities, it was great to see such a refreshing approach.

Funny/serious (The Drum)

Bob: This is another example of “You can’t be funny about that!”.  Often the response of agencies and clients alike when a comedic approach to a serious subject is suggested by creatives. But take a look at this terrific ad for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and then tell me that humour can’t be an effective way to say something serious.

Perfectly pitched (The Drum)

Bob: June is Pride month as I’m sure you know.  And we’ve been celebrating by launching our goDonate donation platform for Pride in London.  But who else has got involved, I wonder? IKEA in Canada has judged the tone of its Pride campaign beautifully. Drag queens wearing lamps, shower curtains and umbrellas on the catwalk is such a simple, witty, elegant idea. Bravo!

Sweary man speaks the truth (Marketing Week)

Bob: Check out Professor Mark Ritson’s hilarious rant about advertising’s childish obsession with tech porn, everything being labelled ‘dead’ and brand purpose bingo. It’s an entertaining reminder of what really matters in marketing. And at a time when the Cannes awards seem more focussed than ever on shiny new tech, this sounds like a very timely reminder of the importance of getting the basics right. 

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