Oxfam launch new integrated DRTV campaign for their Lifesaver Cube

  • by Nicky Tomkins
  • 29/11/2017

Oxfam has launched a new integrated DRTV campaign that can run year round to generate support for their emergency response work, and is centred around an innovative piece of equipment; the Lifesaver Cube.

The Lifesaver Cube is a robust and portable household water filter which cleans contaminated water. The Cube holds up to five litres of water at any one time. Dirty, contaminated water is stored inside the Cube and a small pump on the cap is used to increase the pressure, forcing water though an internal filter which removes bacteria and viruses. One single Cube provides a family of four with clean water for one year. 

The campaign, created by WPN Chameleon, sets out to demonstrate Oxfam’s expertise in providing clean water in emergencies and how the Lifesaver Cube helps save lives. The 60 second ad was shot at the Oxfam warehouse which stores emergency supplies. It features Oxfam spokesman Ian Bray, demonstrating the Cube and drinking the clean water produced.

The ad launched on 29th November asking for a donation of just £3 towards one of these lifesaving Cubes.  Alongside the 60 second DRTV ad, Oxfam’s integrated approach will be supported by Facebook posts, Facebook canvas, bespoke landing pages and online display to capture and convert a greater response from the campaign than with the ad alone.

Catherine Wearden, Head of Supporter Acquisition at Oxfam commented: “The Lifesaver Cube makes even the dirtiest water safe to drink - it's such a clever piece of kit. In the new ad, Ian demonstrates this by drinking dirty water that has been pumped through the cube, so that viewers can see just how effective it is. We hope that people will be inspired by seeing it in action and want to help us provide more of these to vulnerable families around the world. We can confirm that Ian experienced no ill effects from drinking the water!”

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