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  • by Ian McCawley
  • 14/10/2019

With some 87% of marketers using video [source: Wyzowl] and three quarters of consumers saying video they’ve seen on social media has influenced their purchasing decisions [source: Animoto], we thought it was high time to share our expertise in the channel.

An audience of charity and commercial brand marketers packed into our event, How to Make Social Media Video Work Better, at NCVO’s headquarters.

First to speak was WPNC client Louise Robertshaw, director of marketing and communications at London’s Air Ambulance. We helped the charity launch its debut DRTV campaign this year, and Louise explained how video was a key part of communicating the core message: ‘Every Second Counts’. Louise said: “Social media video has helped us because it’s striking and engaging. It also allows us to efficiently target new supporters and, crucially, explain that we are a charity.”


Louise Robertshaw, LAA

Louise was followed by our digital strategy director, Dan Martin. Dan gave the audience a fascinating insight into the technical aspects of great social media video campaigns. With the vast majority of consumers now constantly evaluating brands each time they buy, Dan stated video offers opportunities in three key areas: changing people’s behaviour; influence through placement and proliferation; and strong conversion rates.

He added: “We need to take as many opportunities as we can to make sure we are always on customers' consideration lists. Video can be effective and impactful at all stages of the funnel - not least the top.” Dan also offered some tips (and a handy cheat sheet) on the vast array of formats and placement available across platforms. “We don’t necessarily need to keep videos super-short,” he advised. “Think, what’s the purpose of the content we are making in the context of the person viewing it?”

Next up was Mike Teasdale, founder and planning director of Harvest Digital, who took delegates through several examples of video content. One highly successful campaign drummed up interest for the Sziget music & arts festival in Budapest. “We used video to generate authenticity and excitement,” Mike said. “Over 300 creative executions were displayed using programmatic targeting. Video did the heavy lifting across a lot of channels.” Return On Opportunities To See was 12:1 on average across Europe, but in some countries such as France it reached 50:1.

WPNC fundraising strategy director Nick Pride then returned to the subject of social media video content for charity. Nick emphasised the opportunity to use video to boost engagement. Nick stated: “Video can do a wonderful job of encouraging loyalty, building rapport, and reporting back to supporters about what their donations are used for.”

As an example, he shared an Oxfam film about a clean-water engineer which he said “encapsulates the values that connect a supporter directly with the charity’s work, and builds an emotional connection”. Nick added that it’s important charities use video to give back a measure of control to supporters, creating an experience to boost engagement; not simply to show donors that “charity is something being done to beneficiaries”. He concluded: “Video will be a powerful part of the new way of connecting with the charity audience.”


The final presentation of the morning was made by Bob Nash, WPNC creative director, who gave the audience a maker’s view of creating moving image content online. Bob took the audience through seven practical tips, ranging from cutting down existing TV ad footage to making moving content with film.

He also discussed animation and using multiple executions as part of a campaign. “It’s tempting to get everything into one film, but production and media costs mean there is value in making lots of films,” said Bob. “Online has a voracious appetite for film; the same story can be told from many points of view.” A good example of this is our recent work with Plan International UK.

And with that, following a lively Q&A with the presenters, delegates headed back to their workplaces - no doubt checking out some video marketing content on the way.

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