FREE Self-identification Webinar

  • by Dan Martin
  • 12/10/2020

A free 45-minute webinar where we share techniques and case studies to show how you can engage hard-to-reach audiences with this effective and cost-efficient method of paid online promotion.

Event summary:

While digital media has become renowned for the ability to target audiences at an extremely granular level, it's getting harder for advertisers to gain traction in a saturated market, especially with platforms like Facebook and Google increasingly responding to users' concerns about privacy and use of personal data for commercial gain.

Welcome to self-identification strategies, which actually seek to widen targeting options to include lots of people who probably are not relevant to your offer, or are forced to go broad because your audience criteria simply isn't targetable.

This approach uses creative techniques that help people for whom your message is relevant to quickly relate to it and understand how to engage (much more like more traditional direct marketing!).

All of course with the added benefit of the cost-per-click / conversion cost models of digital (much less like traditional direct marketing!).

In our 45-minute webinar you will hear:

• How digital ad targeting options are changing
• Why the social media market is becoming saturated
• Ways to apply self-identification to your marketing
• The balance between self-identifying creative and available targeting criteria
• ...Plus real-life examples of how organisations have successfully used self-identification to increase engagement and lower CPA

Places are limited to please register today to secure your place.

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