Tea-break creative #3

  • by Bob Nash and Stewart Sear
  • 20/03/2019

Our creative directors, Stewart Sear and Bob Nash catch-up over a brew and share what has inspired them this month, giving you some ideas to takeaway for your next campaign.


A modern kind of ad with a very modern message is a great way to make the RAF look suitably contemporary to a young female audience. This is simple, powerful and effective. A great piece of work.

“Pledge” – CRUK legacies

What a breath of fresh air. Full of insight, it really demonstrates an understanding of how donors think about their legacy. Plus, it’s cleverly constructed from completely unscripted interviews with donors, doctors and scientists. Emotional. Powerful. Memorable.

Cutting Edge

The recent Gillette campaign has certainly got everyones attention, following on from the Nike Colin Kaepernick ad, it’s refreshing to see brands actually making a stand. I feel Gillette took a brave decision that should be applauded. The fact it supposedly alienated their core users is both unsurprising and alarming. Whether it’s for a brand like them to do this or not shouldn’t be the question. The fact they did it and caused such a fuss is justification in itself. I don’t actually have a Gillette razor but would certainly consider getting one now!

Domestic abuse and the power of words

So much marketing depends on overwhelming visual stimulation these days, that this elegant and clever ad (created through words and typography for the most part) really stands apart. By leaving something (amazing) for the reader to do, it packs an emotional punch that belies it’s simplicity and understatement.



Trust in Ling

Many years ago, I stumbled across a car hire website called Lings Cars. I thought it was a joke – nothing that badly designed could be real. But Ling obviously knew what she was doing, and has now branched out into holidays (https://www.lingswings.com/) after years of car hire success - she even appeared on BBCs Dragons Den! If you’ve never seen this site, then you’re in for a treat and if you can see beyond the crazy animations and fonts you’ll realise Ling has created something unique and innovation.


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