How to innovate to drive recovery and growth post-Lockdown

  • by Dan Martin
  • 10/06/2020

Innovation is now core business

For many organisations across the globe, the need for new ideas and innovative practices is a priority leaping from the back burner to the forefront of everyday work streams in planning for a better future and a more challenging landscape beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

In this 45 minute webinar we’ll consider the key ingredients of successful innovation.

What we'll cover...

  • How do you adapt your products, marketing, and communications to engage new cohorts of people who think and behave differently?
  • Why innovation should be the golden thread that runs through your organisation.
  • How technology opportunities will change how you design customer experiences.
  • What kinds of data and insight can you use to inform and test your ideas.
  • Who at your organisation should be involved and what are the frameworks for supporting innovation? 
  • What methods can rapidly identify concepts that have the best chance of success?

Date: 10am until 10.45am Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Places are limited so please register today if you would like to attend.

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