WPNC Promotes Gail Cookson

  • by Ian McCawley
  • 14/12/2021

Integrated marketing agency WPNC has promoted Gail Cookson to the newly created role of Legacy & International Marketing Director.

Legacy income has doubled in the last 30 years with Legacy Foresight predicting that it will reach £5bn by 2030 in the UK alone. The four drivers of income are said to be: the economy; an ongoing rise in house prices; changing demographics; and an ageing population, with a significant Baby Boomer cohort.

Cookson commented: “According to Legacy Foresight, it’s estimated that charities spend around 4% of marketing budgets on legacies, which delivers around 40% of their income. With more well-targeted investment this could increase significantly. This new role demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we can help our existing and new charity clients make the most of a growing revenue stream.”

Consumers are also more likely to leave a charitable bequest in their will than at any time in the past. This has increased competitive activity among charities to advertise gifts in wills.

WPNC has already been advising and working on legacy marketing with Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation, MSF and Princess Alice Hospice.

Cookson has been closely involved in WPNC’s fundraising work with DRTV in France and Austria for several years, but the steady rise of UK charities’ legacy marketing emboldened the agency to devote significant senior resource to helping charities make the most of this vital fundraising opportunity.

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