Marketing has moved on.

  • by John Watson
  • 08/05/2019

The internet and the power of the audience has created a different world.

And so marketers need different things from agencies these days. Agility. Technical skill. Understanding that the consumer now engages with brands in so many ways.

WPN Chameleon has changed too. Now we’re WPNC: an unusual agency that delivers, with rare agility, experiences for consumers across all the channels, from transactional websites to voice skills, from direct mail to TV, from social media to press ads.

But delivery is only half the story. It’s content that makes consumer do the things that marketers need them do. So at WPNC we create experiences that are truly compelling. Our creative skills, across all of the on-line and off-media, make an extraordinary difference.

And in among all those changes, one thing remains undimmed. We still believe in getting the numbers for our clients. Our heritage in response means that a client’s ROI is always our starting point.

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