Age UK

Lottery TV launch for Age UK

Working with Age UK we took their highly successful weekly lottery product onto TV for the first time with a stand-out ad aimed at driving lottery participation.

WPN Chameleon managed the whole film production process superbly well using their in-house editor and edit suite completing the full end to end production including voiceover and Clearcast management to seamlessly getting us on air

Alison Fraser, Senior Marketing Manager, Age UK

Creating standout

Taking an integrated proposition into TV

The charity lottery sector in the UK is incredibly buoyant with a growing number of lottery providers on TV in recent years. These ads tend to be quite similar - lots of lottery numbers, lots of incredibly happy and smiling winners sharing the celebration and a winning cheque! So we needed to find a point of difference, be memorable and engage sufficiently to drive sign-ups.


The insight used in print was that players disliked rollovers. Age UK’s product doesn’t feature rollovers, only winners with 1,000 winners guaranteed every Friday – this insight was then taken into the TV development

Seamless film production

Working with animals…

The approach was agreed and the script was written, the challenge was then in producing the ad with a dog as the lead ‘Star’ character. The process of selecting and getting the best performance out of our canine friend was critical to the project - the worry of the old adage of ‘don’t work with children or animals’ came to mind.

Our experienced TV production team stepped in - we managed to find a fabulous lead actor - Dodger, the Jack Russell cross dog who performed on his spot throughout the day. We organised everything from finding the superstar dog, his vet, location, props and human actress, and across two days we had more winning shots than bloopers (including a great set of stills to be used on other media). Who said working with animals is tricky. Dodger was a delight bouncing back from every break and the 2 day shoot was a real pleasure for everyone involved.

The footage was then crafted into a delightful and charming 60 second ad – Dodger even had his own set of humorous outtakes!

The ad was an immediate hit both in terms of numbers of new lottery players but also in the positive reaction we had to the ad from staff and supporters.