Brew Republic

Launching Brew Republic

WPNC crafts a new subscription Beer Brand

New product offering brings craft beer fans and brewers closer together

In light of the growing consumer appetite for food and drink subscription models, WPNC recently developed a new beer product offering: Brew Republic.

To move from concept to reality we worked across branding, launch strategy, media and ecommerce functionality. It's been a truly end-to-end process, and we're now hoping sales will fizz for the summer launch.

Hop to it: starting from scratch

Building a brand from the ground up is no mean feat, even for a business like Laithwaite's - the UK's leading wine clubs provider and the parent brand behind the Brew Republic launch.

The key to getting the product and targeting right was understanding the insights behind a vibrant UK and international independent brewing industry, and the growing army of craft beer enthusiasts.

We wanted to know: was this really an opportunity for business growth, or just another fad? What experience did consumers want? And what type of product was worthy of investment?

We knew from working with Laithwaite's for several years that consumer experience of wine clubs is paramount to success. It's no different in beer. An approach that firstly established feasibility of a craft beer club was paramount.

In creating the product from scratch, we adopted a four-stage process:

  • Discovery and Definition
  • Brand development
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer acquisition/digital marketing

All the ingredients for a great new brand

Discovery and definition:

We analysed market data to contextualise the significant movement from on- to off-trade during the past two decades. It showed the pub experience being transferred to home as beer fans want to enjoy a great time with friends on their own territory. Next, we reviewed competitors to benchmark price points and best practice, and find gaps to exploit.

It was now time to understand consumer attitudes towards craft beer and beer clubs. Initial research was conducted, then the WPNC insight team led follow-up interviews with both fans and brewers. This immersed us in the category as we uncovered craft beer drinkers’ motivations.

Armed with this knowledge, we developed customer profiles and an authentic, stand-out new proposition to take to market.

Client and agency collaboration was key throughout the process, none more so than at the discovery stage. We use our Breakthrough co-creation methodology, running workshops to develop propositions and customer journey planning, and establish rich territories for the creation and design of the brand, logos and other imagery.

Dan Martin, Digital Strategy Director, WPNC

Brand development:

Consumers' interest in discovering different beers on the market, with support and guidance from experts, was a major insight from the research. They also take pride in trying and buying beer from genuinely local, independent brewers, and hearing their stories.

Our extensive discovery work with the client, coupled with this key insight, led us to the new brand: Brew Republic. The name reflects the brand's focus on independence and craft, bringing fans and brewers closer together in an environment where consumers can buy and discover more about the beers on sale - but also the people behind them.

Customer acquisition/digital marketing:

Consumers seek information through many channels. It was therefore important to engage and connect with them via an extensive digital marketing strategy, ultimately converting interest into purchase.

We are supporting Brew Republic with digital marketing customer acquisition campaigns. As part of this, we've developed social media campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, with photography - and video-led landing pages to unveil and build interest in the brand.


In view of the healthy competition for craft beer drinkers' attention, customer experience is critical for Brew Republic. It was vital to create a consistent customer experience and journey across channels to bring the brand to market.

Brew Republic uses an online subscription model. It's supported by an engaging website designed around the CX/UX outputs from the discovery phase. Content showcases the independent brewers behind the beers on offer, so that consumers experience more than just the product while simultaneously being steeped in the brand promise.

Beer choice guidance, drinking tips and inspirational stories behind each brew top off the experience. Additionally, multipacks for gifting and sharing are featured heavily to drive conversion.

Brew Republic in the media

A month into the launch, initial engagement and sales are very positive . The launch has caused a stir in the media too, here are just a few pieces of coverage:

Brew Republic treats brewing like a craft and showcases the best this vibrant and booming industry has to offer. We hope our community helps craft beer enthusiasts get together to try new beers and discover more about the fascinating stories behind them. WPNC has been brilliant to work with. From discovery, through to branding and launch, it has been a smooth and collaborative process with the agency.

Michael Johnson, Brew Republic’s Commercial Director

We also have a dedicated website for more detail on the digital services we provide. For more in depth information on this case study, click here