Compelling simplicity brings in new supporters for a complex cause

We’ve worked with Oxfam over a number of years to develop simple and effective DRTV that’s brought in thousands of new supporters


“Bucket” is one of Oxfam’s best performing DRTV campaigns in recent years.

The 60 second DRTV advert focuses on the tangible solution of the Oxfam bucket; an incredibly simple, practical and iconic symbol of Oxfam’s expertise in emergency water provision.

The ad comprises of emotional film footage from the field, which connects the audience in a very human way – watching people drink water that’s clearly filthy. The ad goes on to show a fascinating product demonstration by Oxfam spokesman, Ian Bray, at the Oxfam warehouse which stores many of these buckets and other emergency supplies. 

The ad ran for two years and brought in thousands of new supporters.

Lifesaver cube

A worthy successor that smashed its targets

Working with Oxfam’s experts we found an even more impressive piece of equipment that encapsulates Oxfam’s expertise in dealing with unimaginable difficulties for the world’s poorest people.  In a very simple way it also demonstrates that a small amount of money from a supporter really can make a tangible difference to people in need. 

Together with the authentic voice and credibility of Ian Bray, we made a new ad to replace ‘Bucket’, which in its first month broke all targets for response rates, conversions, and ROI.


Having fun with overseas development

Oxfam’s lottery was ready for growth outside its existing supporter base, and they asked us to show how we could use DRTV to recruit new players at scale.  Our working relationship with Oxfam meant that we understood the need to find a new way to advertise charity lotteries, and our DRTV experience gave us the confidence that we wouldn’t have to rely on the tropes of big cheques and bouncing balls.  At a particularly sensitive time for Oxfam, we developed a creative treatment that brought to life the positivity of the change that Oxfam brings, together with the essential fun of taking part in a lottery for a good cause.