Stroke Association

Recruiting new regular giving supporters through co-creation and insight

Using our unique BreakThrough process to develop new propositions, followed by powerful creative executions.

A new approach to product development


BreakThrough is our unique process used to drive the richest inspiration for an approach to a new challenge. Often facilitated and led by one of our strategic or CX specialists, it is designed to engage a broad range of stakeholders, both internal and external. This provides greater audience insights which in turn can lead to the most powerfully creative thinking.

This project began with a series of intensive co-creation sessions, starting with a clean sheet of paper and the ambition to create an effective new proposition as the centrepiece of a digitally integrated recruitment campaign. During these sessions, two key themes emerged as potentially powerful ‘hooks’; these were the ideas of “Loss” and “Provision of information”.

Defining the territories

Exploring the potential

Having identified these two themes, the next phase required us to bring them to life creatively. This led to the production of an information hub microsite, where our audience could choose from five key topics and receive the appropriate supporting information. A “Stroke Care Survey” was also suggested, to further engage this elusive audience. WPNC then collaborated with the client to define an engagement plan that could be tested online. The objective was to take the audience on a journey: Engage > Connect > Convert.

Stroke Infohub website

Taking a new approach to market

Deliverables and outcomes

We developed a digital campaign, including display and Facebook paid ads. We tested a variety of messages to find the most engaging topics for our audience and then we built the Information Hub website and Survey website in order to capture consent and ask for donations.

Due to our ability to provide a fuller service offering, we were able to generate the insight, produce the communications, build and host the website and link through to our proprietary goDonate donation platform