New product development

Our NPD approach

We have developed an innovation framework called BreakThrough for generating and exploring new ideas for propositions, products, services or marketing campaigns. Those ideas can then be turned into concepts for evaluation, selection and lab or live market testing.

Super-fast & effective

We call it super-fast because it only takes a few weeks from start to finish; getting you to workable, realisable ideas quickly so you can get on to the interesting bit – trying them out in market with the confidence that they are rooted in reality.

Co-creation sits at the heart of BreakThrough to ensure ideas are realistic and informed, and we produce clear, tangible concepts. It’s the most effective way of generating, evaluating and selecting ideas with the most potential.

How it works

Step 1: The challenge

Speaking to a new audience, refreshing a tired offer, developing a new product, or something else? It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, BreakThrough is extremely flexible and can handle most situations. We’ll ask you to provide (where possible) insight and context so we can get prepared.

Step 2: The workshop

The co-creation workshop will last 4-6 hours and will involve key people from your side, whether that be leadership, marketing, innovation, digital, operations, or fundraising - whoever can inform the discussion and is championing the challenge.

We bring the right people from across the agency – usually a mix of CX, strategy, marketing and creative – to help tackle the challenge. It’s not one of those ‘sit around and discuss vague ideas’ workshops – this is structured, organised, participatory and has clear outputs, which are always early stage visualisations of the ideas we generate together.

Step 3: Concepts

Finally, we take the early stage ideas and build them out into realistic concepts – these can be adcepts, filmcepts, web page mockups, app flows and these days even voice skill ‘happy paths’. These concepts can then be reviewed by your team and acid-tested with sample groups in order to make a shortlist or pick a winner. Concepts that make the cut can then be further developed for robust lab or live in-market testing.

BreakThrough is perfect for...

  • Customer acquisition & conversion
  • Digital experiences
  • Product development

The mixture of speed, skills, and tangibility will get you to market quicker and more effectively, with greater confidence that the ideas will work.

We also have a dedicated website for more detail on the digital services we provide - please click here to find out more.

Highlighted case studies

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