Voice technology

Developing voice experiences

From exploring the opportunities of voice for your organisation, through to designing & developing Alexa skills, we can help you create beautifully crafted and useful voice skills to engage your audience.

The future is voice

The next digital revolution

There are now 50 billion voice searches per month and this is expected to grow to 200 billion by 2020. Voice search is big. Amazon, Apple and Google are all fighting for this space with Amazon taking the market share so far with home devices. Amazon Echo was the most popular purchase on Amazon for Christmas 2018.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices like the Echo family of devices including Echo Show and Echo Spot. Alexa provides capabilities - “skills” - that enable organisations to create a personalised experience.

Voice interaction is an exciting area for charities to explore. The workshop WPNC ran with us at NSPCC helped involve colleagues from across different teams to explore the possibilities of delivering services or engaging supporters via voice.

Louise Corden, Lead Digital Producer, NSPCC


Creating voice experiences together

We work with our clients to define, develop and support Alexa skills. From initial ideation workshops, defining the VX, to the back end development and ongoing optimisation, we can help you from concept to execution. We also run half day ideation workshops for those in the early stages of exploring how voice might be something to offer your audiences in the future.

Protecting children with Alexa

Talking PANTS with NSPCC

We developed a fun new skill for NSPCC to enable parents to teach their young children how to stay safe from sexual abuse. By saying “Alexa, open NSPCC” adults will now have full access to the charity’s PANTS campaign and the suite of accompanying activities, which includes songs and games. Adults will also be able to use the skill to donate to the NSPCC.

Other voice developments

Translating skills onto other platforms

We currently focus on creating Alexa skills, as Amazon continue to be the market leader, but of course whatever skill we develop for your organisation could in time be translated onto other platforms such as Google and Apple as they become more established.

goDonate Voice

Enabling donations through Amazon Alexa

goDonate Voice - by our digital product team goDonate - is the only product in the market to make it easy for charities to start taking monetary donations through Amazon Alexa using Amazon Pay - without the considerable cost and expertise required to get it right.

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