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We create hard-working content that transforms the performance of social media and websites alike.

Compelling content

There’s so much more to using video content online than just putting together a short film. Meaningful results require real clarity in terms of our goals and our audience. With this clarity of purpose agreed, our storytelling and film-making skills can really make a difference.

Engage. Connect. Convert.

To help focus our work – and provide better evidence of its efficacy – we plan every online customer journey in detail. They may start with simple engagement, but the goal is often to move on to making meaningful connections and then conversion. Each step in that journey requires different thinking, different creativity and different metrics.

A plethora of formats

Deploying the work in the correct channel, using the right format, is vital. ‘Versioning’ is a key part of determining the most powerful combination available to suit your purpose. Did you know, for instance, there are 11 placements through the Facebook ad platform alone?

TV to online

TV shoots generate a lot of film that can be repurposed for online at different lengths, in different formats and for different goals. When London’s Air Ambulance Charity asked us to create DRTV, we also planned a suite of online content – both films and carousels for Facebook. The example here is a 30 second re-edit, designed to generate online donations.

New product development

Moving image content for online use doesn’t depend on having live action film to hand. When Caxton, the fx specialist, briefed us on their new RED card, we made a 45 second ‘explainer’ video using computer generated graphics, combined with library film footage.

Fast to market

Whilst tv can be turned around fast, social video is even more agile. Which makes it an ideal testbed for tactical offers. This example for our client Brew Republic comes from their social media launch campaign. Made entirely of graphics and stills, it is a good example of how you can turn around a video to test a tactical offer in social media.

Campaign integration

When Plan International UK asked WPNC to rethink the way their fundraising on TV works, we planned an integrated online campaign at the same time. This enabled us to film bespoke footage for online on the tv shoot in Ghana and led to a suite of films telling different stories against different goals.

Sweating the assets

Printed assets can be brought to life for social video – extracting further value from an existing investment. For instance, when created an eight-page insert, featuring their ‘greatest cruise + tour deals’, we saw an opportunity to take this fantastic asset and give it new life online. Using just the flat artwork, we were able to create this eye-catching and engaging page turner video.

Moving images

Another way to create compelling storytelling online is to use library or archive footage or stills, combined with graphics. Care International UK wanted to celebrate the invention of ‘Care packages’ in 1945 – gifts of food for families struggling in war-torn Britain. We were able to create a suite of four online films combining existing resources in an eye-catching format.


As we continue to pioneer DRTV in France, we’ve also created moving image content for use online for a number of clients including UNICEF and 30 Millions d'Amis. To accompany a fantastically successful DRTV ad for 30 Millions d'Amis, we made three emotional online films highlighting the plight of abandoned animals.

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