10 Top Tips

For Innovation in Broadcast

WPNC Top Tops

With TV viewing habits shifting fast how can fundraisers keep up with change? Managing Director Agency WPNC John Eversley, and Richard Slater - Managing Director, M.i. Media - set the scene:

1. Watch change closely
Change is coming fast. Fundraisers must keep a close eye on emerging AV platforms, such as broadcast video on demand (BVOD) and targeted ad services, so staying in the picture with options and costs is key.

2. What’s your vision?
Consider your end goal at the start. If it’s an awareness campaign you’ll need to understand how to optimise reach. If fundraising is your objective, there’s a trickier balancing act between testing and cost efficiencies to consider.

3. A safety-first approach
Understand whether safeguards exist on the BVOD platform(s) you intend to use before trialling them. This means checking with the likes of YouTube which adjacent content your campaign might feature alongside.

4. Run the rule over AV options
Know how you’ll be able to test and measure your initiatives on the platform you have in mind. All have benefits and drawbacks, and most have no way to directly compare performance e.g. linear vs. streaming channels.

5. To test is always best
With measurement assessed, it’s time to test. Consider your testing framework carefully. For example, you could establish regional AV ‘hotspots’ to give a true read on campaign performance.

6. Future-gazing’s fundamental…
Besides what you’re doing today, think about how you’ll make an impact as broadcast innovates into the future. For instance, how might long-term audience erosion affect your organisation as more young people turn off linear TV?

7. …and future-proofing is, too
Building opted-in first-party databases for future campaigns will be important. In time, this could offer a valuable new route for targeting existing and look-a-like donors.

8. Creative constraints count
All of the AV platforms have their own rules about creative formats and video length. Find out what’s acceptable - and what works most effectively - before kicking off your creative work, to avoid problems further down the line; not least, cost implications.

9. Turn it on again?
Depending on the budget allocated to your fundraising campaign, along with your target audience and the overall objective, a linear TV-only strategy might still be the best option. Don’t switch it off for good - it’s still part of the mix.

10. Build your broadcast knowledge
With so much change and many more AV options available, it’s down to you - and your agency - to investigate the whole landscape. This might not lead to a strategy switch straight away but you will be prepared when the time’s right to try a new approach.