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What are you digital priorities?

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New platforms? Or digital transformation?

Losing your thread(s)?

There’s a lot of hand-wringing going on amongst fundraisers over the ethical conundrums created by generative AI. Whilst reasonable, that debate somewhat ignores the fact that social networks, on which many charities depend are (mostly) completely unethical. 

For instance, many social networks have a sketchy history of data protection. Not to mention their negative effects on mental health, with young people in particular at risk.

So far, so bad. But where’s this all leading?

In part, to Meta’s launch of Threads – the competitor to Twitter. Is this the answer to all these issues? Or is it the same old exploitative nonsense now wrapped in shiny new clothes? You decide.

Or perhaps the answer for fundraisers lies in the Fediverse - a group of interlinked web publishing systems established back in 2008, and not owned by any rapacious corporation. Remarkably – and appropriately for those driven by social causes - it has built-in systems to sideline hateful and abusive speech. It’s a bottom-up filter that creates something that’s vanishingly rare amongst social networks. 

Quite simply, a kinder environment.

The Digital team at WPNC has been exploring how non-commercial, more ethical services like Mastodon can create a better environment for your cause. We’re looking at how charities can slowly migrate to these, away from the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and yes, even Threads.

For more information and to ask any questions about the Fediverse, contact [email protected]


Small “t” transformation

Charities often have a hard time making the most of emerging technologies.

Take CRM, for example. Many charities desperately need a more modern, more powerful CRM system. But they’re trapped by an expensive and glacial process they’re told can take 6-18 months. 

A charity doesn’t have that kind of time to spare. And nor do we here at WPNC – not long ago our Design & Build team implemented our own modern CRM system in just 2 days. And halved our running costs into the bargain.

Talking of change leads us neatly to the subject of “digital transformation”. It’s a seductive concept, but it really doesn’t have to be as daunting, time-consuming or expensive as some would suggest. 

Especially if you begin your transformation with a small “t”. 

Start with a small, bottom-up approach – often more effective than a mandate from on-high to change everything. Our Digital team has been pleasantly surprised by the inexpensive tools now readily available that can adapt easily to changing needs. 

And, by starting small, you may find that your organisation develops a taste for small “t” transformation that ends up creating profound and lasting change.

For more information and to ask any questions about digital transformation and the many tools available to help get you started, contact [email protected]