WPNC Webinar Series

Top tips in 20 minutes


13th Sept  2024 Your Legacy Year: Gail Cookson, WPNC Legacy Director and Claire Daniels, WPNC Fundraising Strategy Director 

How will you make 2024 a big year for legacies? Will you test new propositions or new audiences? Will you use seasonality? Or work around events like the Paris Olympics and Paralympics. Discover how to collaborate with colleagues to build your big legacy year.

20th Sept  Improving Online Donations: Vicky Reeves, goDonate Managing Director

Behavioural science offers insights into human psychology and decision-making. These can be used to introduce small behavioural nudges to your online donation journey to increase income. In this practical webinar, see real-world examples of how online results can be significantly lifte

27th Sept  No-code for Charities: Phil Dearson, WPNC Digital Director 

No-code tools allow charities to develop digital services without the need for extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise. Discover how they can be a low-cost way for charities to rapidly develop effective digital products and services. 

4th Oct  TV Repair Shop: Maria Phillips, WPNC Director of TV & Film and Bob Nash, Creative Director 

TV ads can be fragile things, delicate when exposed to airtime and apt to break down and fail. The TV Ad Repair Shop is here to help with practical, proven ideas to sprinkle some creative sparkle on much-loved but under-performing films. 

11th Oct  2024 Fundraising Challenge: John Eversley, WPNC Managing Director and Claire Daniels, WPNC Fundraising Strategy Director 

How will a turbulent market and as-yet unknown challenges impact your 3-year plan? Insight and innovation must lie at the heart of any solution. Here we explore a range of strategies to gain key insights to engage donors in a difficult economy.