Concern Worldwide


the ad on a tv screen with sick child looking at ahead

What’s the most powerful way to fight hunger?

Hunger is one of humanity’s biggest challenges right now. This year alone, 3.1 million children are set to die of hunger-related causes. Concern Worldwide approached us to create an DRTV appeal to convey this crisis in a fresh and powerful way – to raise vital funds for their life-saving work.

Our first step was to develop a creative approach with real cut-through. Our solution was to focus on the emotional plight of mothers, who are facing the heartbreak of seeing their children suffer and die.

Our next step was to capture the right footage. Working closely with Concern Worldwide, we deployed a film crew to Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. Our creative team communicated with them daily, working together to find and film mothers’ stories.

The final edit featured the story of mum Houwela and her baby daughter, Zanadiya, and their struggle to find food. This was done with the utmost respect, using Houwela’s real words – powerful words which we hope will touch the hearts of UK audiences and compel them to donate.