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Artificial Intelligence: latest tech fad or fundraising game-changer?

Practical AI for Fundraisers

Emerging tech like AI can seem daunting for fundraisers. But there are many practical uses that can be implemented right now to start seeing real benefits. 

AI can help you with campaign planning, assessing prospective donors and ranking them to create priorities. It can suggest effective topics and even help to create your campaign PR. At execution stage, AI can create content for A/B testing and ensure you’re using best practice for optimised designs. Whilst also saving you time with everything from FAQs to online assistance on your website. Finally, analysis can be transformed with AI, which can identify patterns to make accurate predictions.

This isn’t some possible future technology – with proper oversight, AI is already transforming the fundraising activities of many charities in the UK.

WPNC’s sister company, goDonate, will be hosting their latest webinar on this very subject; providing thoughts on practical ways charities can benefit from using AI, and also noting the ways the goDonate platform itself is implementing the use of AI, to optimise online donation transactions for its charities. Register here to join them on Thursday morning at 9.30am and hear how AI could help your online fundraising.  

For more information and to ask any questions about practical uses of AI, contact [email protected]

Strategic Support

It’s no secret that generative AI such as ChatGPT or DALL-E have some critical limitations. But they can do many straightforward tasks to save fundraisers save time right away. From providing internal tech support to creating presentations to enforcing consistency.

Whilst that’s certainly useful, what’s more thought-provoking is their ability to contribute to idea generation and strategy. They can help with idea brainstorming – ideating new products that can help your audience. Or act as a strategy buddy, arguing for and against hypothetical approaches to give you an “intellectual sparring partner”. What’s clear is that fundraisers who don’t keep up with this emerging tech are taking a big risk.

For a more in-depth look at the implications of the technology for the sector, see this on-demand webinar we did for Charity Digital.

For more information and to ask any questions about generative AI, contact [email protected]