A message from our MD (John Eversley) in celebration of Windrush 75 and championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, values at the core of WPNC. 
Celebrating the 75th Windrush Anniversary fills me with so much pride. In case you’ve missed this news, the Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury on 21st June 1948 with 800 odd passengers from the Caribbean. They we allowed to disembark the following day 22nd and created a significant moment - the first time this number of West Indians entered Britain in one day, paving the way for many to follow, Windrush was a milestone. Many hundreds had previously arrived in the late 30s and 40s to support the war effort, but it will be the 800 (plus a couple of stowaways) who will forever be remembered as the vanguard of the Windrush generation starting a new life in the ‘motherland’. As we mark the anniversary, we must also pay tribute those who followed. I think of my folks and many of their friends leaving Barbados for Birmingham (I still don’t get it!), clutching treasured passports embossed with British passport above the coat of arms with the Island name below, and with it citizenship of UK and colonies, as it stated then. 

I’m as full of admiration, respect, and appreciation for the brave souls on board Windrush as well as the second wave, third wave, fourth and so on. They faced much documented hostility, racism, and walls of negativity… never mind the weather! How resilient were they! 

In remembering Windrush, we must understand the real legacy in creating a path to a better world of opportunity and integration for generations Caribbean Brits. We are light years away from the life and experiences of the 802, we have come a very long way, but we still have a long way to go. Today we talk of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, making society better, embracing multi-culturalism. Like many of my peers, I have benefitted greatly from the sacrifice, hard work, and resilience of those before us. I hope the documentaries, news bulletins and features has shone the light on West Indian immigration, has helped to build some awareness and understanding and I really hope… some appreciation of the contribution made by the Windrush people and future generations to multi-cultural Britain over the last 75 years. 

As we look back and we must also look to the future. If I had one wish to come from this 75th anniversary it is that we embrace ED&I, not just a nod but take a bit of time to reflect on the part we play in advancing ED&I, we all have a part to play. #inclusion #diversity