Response Insight

De-risking DRTV

Response Insight Response Insight
Response Insight

DRTV is a big investment – so how can you be confident you’ve picked the right creative route?

Response Insight is our simple, effective solution to this problem. This proprietary WPNC research tool enables you to identify the best performing concept before production starts – giving you the vital information and insights you need to maximise your investment.

How does that work? 

  • Step one: we create simplified ‘filmcepts’ that look and feel as close as possible to a real ad. We might use existing footage or stills to do this, depending on what’s available.
  • Step two: we test it with a research panel reflecting your target audience. They watch the filmcept in a ‘real life’ scenario (on their computer screen at home).
  • And step three: we ask them what they think, gathering the invaluable qualitative and/or quantitative insights you need to make the right choice.