Marie Curie

Creative Campaign

How do we reach new audiences with powerful DRTV?

Everyone’s heard of the Great Daffodil Appeal. It’s Marie Curie’s biggest and most high-profile fundraising event of the year. So we were delighted to be asked to create a DRTV ad for the 2023 appeal – to attract new donors to the cause.

At a time when everyone’s finances were stretched, this was a tougher challenge than normal. We needed a powerful ad that had real cut-through – conveying the urgency of the appeal. We took a two-pronged approach. First, we told viewers the shocking fact that, every five minutes, someone in the UK dies will out the care they need. Then we followed this up with the powerful rallying cry ‘It’s time for change’.

Real Marie Curie Nurses played a vital role in the making of this ad, giving up their free time to appear in it and share their expertise, so we knew what we were showing was authentic. They were the real stars of the show!